Under the leadership of the GdW, the construction of affordable apartments in Germany is to be accelerated in high quality and rapid completion in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Construction, the Federation of the German Construction Industry and the Federal Chamber of Architects. With the framework agreement, housing companies throughout Germany will have the opportunity to realize their new residential construction projects faster, easier, more cost-efficiently and in high quality with maxmodul.

    Model building

    Single building, pure residential use, four full storeys

    24 housing units:

    • 4x 1-2 room apartments up to 45 m²
    • 8x 2-room-apartments approx. 60 m²
    • 8x 3-room apartments approx. 75 m²
    • 4x 4-5 room apartments > 75 m²
    Model building

    Buildings and apartments

    Compact, space-efficient floor plans

    • Barrier-free
    • Optimised corridor and traffic areas
    • energy efficiencies
    • common areas
    Buildings and apartments

    Further system variants


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