The same apartment layouts are available for different building types

    • Deliverable in different sizes and designs (1- to 4-room apartments)
    • There are variants for every type of floor plan: standard barrier-free, wheelchair-accessible, micro-apartment, penthouse apartment
    • Social sustainability by avoiding through rooms, furnishing with standard furniture, etc.
    • Continuous expansion of the floor plan catalogue

    Not only the modules of the apartments, but also the elements for horizontal and vertical building access (corridors, pergolas, staircases and elevators) are catalogued.

    The bathrooms are typified. The same bathrooms can be used in different types of apartments.

    • Barrier-free
    • micro
    • Wheelchair accessible with shower/tub
    Excerpt from the apartment matrix

    Courtyard building / Central corridor building / Block

    Excerpt from the apartment matrix

    Balcony-access building

    Excerpt from the apartment matrix


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