Systemic catalogue-based planning

    No urban planning situation is the same as any other. The maxmodul construction system offers an optimum solution for almost every urban planning requirement with different building types. The planning is carried out in a clearly structured process in which the partners - the client and Max Bögl - can achieve cost effects through mutual cooperation. Planning according to a catalogue saves time and avoids errors. The configuration is very simple: Room modules for apartments and bathrooms as well as building access (corridors, arcades, staircases or elevators) are prepared and typified in a catalogue.


    The advantages of maxmodul are particularly noticeable when compacting housing estates:

    • No "construction site" with heavy access traffic or extensive space requirements
    • Rapid assembly with little disruption (noise, dirt) for the residents
    • Depending on position: mounting from "outside", e.g. space-saving from the road
    • Option of adding different housing types from the "catalogue

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